Maid to Executive Order

Conservative supporters have found their latest issue to declare as another sign of abuse of power by the corrupt Obama dictatorship:  the signing of the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order.  One of the results of this was this Facebook posting that crossed my path yesterday:

“This is for real. Our president just issued, by decree, the biggest power grab in the history of this country. During wartime, the executive branch now has legal authority to take control of all resources INCLUDING LABOR. They may take complete control over the supply of all food and water.

This [sic] shit is real. It just fucking happened. We must all, regardless of party or ideology, demand that this order is rescinded completely; not ammended [sic], not studied for legal precident [sic], rescinded immediatelyl [sic].”

What does this actually mean, though?  It essentially updates the president’s ability to take control of private industry the nation’s energy sources, including oil, among other provisions in response to war or national emergencies under the Defense Production Act from 1950.

Similar Executive Orders to the NDRP have been signed in the past by previous presidents, including former President Clinton’s Executive Order titled, “National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness” from 1994 which is nearly verbatim to President Obama’s recent order.
Why did this get signed now?  The big change between this version and the one Clinton signed in 1994 are within the cabinet.  Homeland Security (which did not exist in 1994) now handles some of the duties originally assigned to FEMA.  That’s the big change.  Holy shit, right?

If we apply current events to the timing of the signing, it’s not hard to see how Iran and the possibility of the world’s oil supply experiencing an interruption could play a part.  Since the beginning of the year and as late as Sunday, Iran has threatened to close off the Hormuz Strait in retaliation for sanctions placed on the country.

The Strait is the export point for 40% of the world’s sea-borne oil.  Translation:  if you think gas prices are high now, wait until the Strait gets blocked.

Even if the Strait is not blocked, there remains a far more likely reason for this Executive Order signing.  If tensions translate to war between Iran and Israel, prepare for a major effect on oil availability and prices around the globe. You’ll be selling your firstborn just to drive to McDonald’s.
It’s possible that if war were to occur, the Obama administration would take actions to conserve the nation’s fuel supply and speed up alternative energy technology, which could include having work forces contribute to the development and/or construction of that technology.

If conservative supporters are truly concerned about rights being taken away, they have to look no further than their own party.  In 2012, the attacks on women’s and homosexual rights are at an all-time high while the conservative voters press the panic button over an Executive Order that has been implemented since 1994.  It’s like watching a cat chase the light from a flashlight while the house is on fire.

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