It’s Alive! Live Blog of the 2nd 2012 Presidential Debate

Check back here at 8:00 PM Central Standard Time for our live blogging of tonight’s town hall meeting debate!  Will President Obama be awake?  Which Mitt Romney will show up?  Will a questioner take up Pizza Hut on their offer?

8:00  Lets get this party started!

8:04  First guarantee of the night!  ONE job by Mitt Romney!

8:08  Obama is stating his plans straight out the gate.  Much better start than the first debate.

8:09  Someone should point out to Romney a majority of President Obama’s jobs policies were blocked by the congressional Republicans.

8:15  Romney just lost the bird vote.

8:19  Here we go with the pipeline.  It has already been determined that would not lower the cost of oil or provide numerous jobs for our country.

8:22  Iowa shout out by President Obama!

8:23  Christ, how old is Romney?  Eight?

8:26  Obama is chomping at the bit to respond to this tax question after Romney.

8:27  None of what Romney is saying is accurate according to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center.

8:32  Yep, better get that “43 months of unemployment above 8%” line out one last time.

8:35  Obama essentially just said “It’s arithmetic, bitch.”

8:38  The subject of gender inequality in regards to wages has just arrived.  This won’t end well for Romney.

8:41  Romney is avoiding the actual topic of INCOME inequality and has passed it over for position inequality.

8:42  Romney has gone over his two minutes without ONCE speaking of income inequality between the sexes.

8:46  Romney just lied.  Romney supported the Blunt Amendment.

8:50  Is Mittens getting redder?  He is going to blend into that carpet like the Predator before this debate is over.

8:57  The middle class is actually getting crushed under the policies protected by the congressional Republicans, Mittens.  Take a look at the effect of income inequality due to the Bush tax cuts, Romney.

8:59  Does Romney even know the answer to an immigration policy question?

9:00  “Super majority” in both houses?  They (Democrats) only had a “super majority” for four months, Mittens.

9:07  Jesus, Romney.  Stay on topic.

9:13  Romney just mentioned the “apology tour.”  The tour that never happened.

9:15  Mark this as the moment that Obama won the debate.

9:21  Romney just introduced the subject of married couples vs. single parent households into a gun safety conversation.  What?

9:26  Now Obama is way off subject.

9:28  Romney just admitted “trickle down government” does not work anywhere.  Unless of course it’s the Bush tax cuts or his own tax policy.

9:34  I thought Romney was going to throw his toys across the stage while pouting “Government does not create jobs!”

9:36  Of course you got all your kids insured as Governor.  You did it through Romneycare… hey, didn’t Obama do something like that?

9:38  Where was this President Obama during the first debate?

9:40  That is it!  Thank you for joining us during our first live blogging event!

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