Harvey Dent

Who does Mitt Romney think he is?  Seriously, who is he?  Is he the ultra conservative presented to us during the primaries?  The conservative moderate during the last debate, or the liberal conservative that participated in an interview with the Des Moines Register earlier this week?

On Tuesday Romney told the Register, “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”

That contradicts with conservative Mitt Romney, who just last year wrote a pledge for conservative news source the National Review, vowing his support to overturn Roe v. Wade “because it is a bad law and bad medicine.”

In the same pledge, the GOP presidential nominee iterates his support to defund Planned Parenthood (because they perform abortions, even though they do not use taxpayer dollars for the procedures).

Last October, Romney told Fox News host and professional chucklehead, Mike Huckabee, that he would back a constitutional amendment banning abortion.

Romney has also made it clear he does not support the coverage of women’s contraception (this typically stems from the misinformed concept that certain contraceptives covered under healthcare reform such as Plan B, are “abortion pills,” which is simply false).

Mittens has also said he would withdraw funding from the Title X Family Planning Program (began under former Republican President Richard Nixon) and supported the ridiculous Blunt Amendment, which gave employers the right to refuse providing contraceptive coverage for female employees if they found it morally objectionable.

Why weren’t conservative supporters in an uproar over the former Massachusetts Governor’s recent flip-flop?  Most likely because they never got a chance to be.

The Huffington Post reported the Romney campaign quickly back-peddled the comment within two hours via Twitter (Romney is getting faster at these with all his practice), iterating the candidate’s (original) stance on the issue.  This surpassed Romney’s previous record of fastest flip-flop, the Blunt Amendment, which took less than 24 hours.

This man changes more times in a day than Optimus Prime.

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