Saturday Night Fever! Live Blog of the ABC GOP Debate!

Check back here at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time tonight for our live blogging of the GOP presidential debate!  Will Donald Trump show up?  Will Chris Christie sumo wrestle that crazy Oregon militia member onstage?

reuters eduardo munoz.png

Credit: Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

5:00  Welcome to the live blog of tonight’s GOP debate!

5:09  I’m assuming Carson burns the notes of advice before reading them.

5:16  Walk slower Ben.

5:17  Kasich has been forgotten before the debate began.

5:34  Christie calling Rubio out for memorizing his “25 second speech.”  A speech Rubio has now repeated in full or in part three times now.

5:54 Actually, a recent Reuters poll shows that 61% of Americans support Obama’s immigration plan.  Doesn’t necessarily have to be just securing the border first for the public to support it, Rubio.

6:04  Carson had told Politico his plan would be for the government to provide only $2,000.00 a year in a health savings account per person.

6:19  Sure, Donald cuts taxes for the middle class.  They’ll get a 4.9% increase in after tax income.  However, the top 0.1% get a 19% increase.

6:21  While discussing jobs, nobody on stage has mentioned the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.9%.

6:26  Cruz would make bombing ISIS’ oil tankers part of his strategy to defeat ISIS.  Obama administration has been doing that and destroyed 280 tankers in November alone.

6:31  “Bomb the oil and take the oil.”  Wait, what?

6:42  Cruz threatening to repeal Obama’s “executive amnesty.”  It was an executive order for deferment, not amnesty.

7:08  This is the first GOP debate to REALLY bring up the issue of police brutality.  It was also one of the shortest subjects to be discussed tonight.

7:12  By the way, still no mention of the Black Lives Matter movement.

7:31  The GOP debates:  Where you follow up a series of answers on abortion with a football question.

7:42  After last Monday, Dr. Carson can add Ted Cruz to the list of people/entities that tried to “bury” him.

7:46 Man, what a rough start for Rubio tonight.  That guy was pummeled by Christie as if he were a rack of meat getting hit by Rocky Balboa.

7:48  Thank you for stopping by!  That’s it, my friends!

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