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Last week, President Obama announced a new immigration policy that will benefit thousands of people. The policy allows illegal immigrants to file for a two-year deferral from deportation, with the possibility of renewal. The criteria for eligibility are:

  • Under the age of 30 and arrived in the United States before the age of 16
  • Have lived in the United States for five continuous years
  • Individuals who do not have a criminal record
  • Individuals who are successful students (High School Diploma or GED) or served in the military

Those that meet the requirements are also eligible to apply for work permits.

A new Bloomberg poll released today shows 64% of likely voters and 66% of independents agree with the administration’s stance.

The plan is similar to Tea Party darling and potential Romney running mate Marco Rubio’s immigration plan, which included granting legal status to minors for military service or pursuing education. Rubio has since shelved his proposal since Friday’s announcement.

What has Mitt Romney said about the policy? After being asked THREE TIMES by CBS’ Bob Schieffer if he would repeal the new policy, Romney could still not give a straight answer.

Could you imagine if Schieffer asked what Romney’s favorite dinosaur is?

In the above interview, Romney states that for the past three and a half years Obama “did nothing on immigration.” I’m calling “bullshit” on this one. The president supported the DREAM Act, which passed in the House, but failed in the Senate, receiving a majority of 55 votes but not the sixty votes needed to continue (only three Republicans voted in favor of the Act).

Last year, President Obama offered a process of prosecutorial discretion for low-priority illegal immigrant cases that included:

  • Minors
  • Pregnant and nursing women
  • The elderly
  • Victims of serious crimes
  • Veterans & members of the armed forces
  • Individuals with serious disabilities or health issues

Clearly, in the Schieffer interview, Romney is being careful not to do any more damage to the Hispanic vote than the GOP has already done this election season, but he also must continue to go against every Obama policy to maintain the support of the nation’s insane population. Holy shit, do the GOP supporters hate this policy.

From Fox News’ Facebook page:

It would be great if someone informed Ms. Lepping Schmitt that the policy does not “bring illegal immigrants in” the country. It seems factual information is rarely shared on the Fox News page.

If these people are really concerned about American jobs, they must be aware of the sale of AMC theatres to China last month. The deal is the largest Chinese takeover of an American company in history, courtesy of JPMorgan, Apollo Investment Fund and… Bain Capital. You can be certain Romney will receive a portion of the profits from the AMC deal.

Leave it to the followers of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze to get all drama-queen on the issue:

Yes, MRSPEEDWAGON, the president will likely call off the November elections. Seriously, who are these people and how do they function in everyday life?

I’m sure many conservatives feel if Reagan were still in office, things would be different.

“I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though sometime back they may have entered illegally.” – Ronald Reagan

For the record, Reagan supported immigration reform that gave amnesty to nearly 3 million illegal aliens. The Obama administration policy affects 800,000.

At the end of the day, this is a great policy that will benefit people, which should always be the goal of politics. Let’s celebrate this victory and then get back to work; there’s an election just around the corner.

2 thoughts on “Derka Derbs

  1. Mitt Rmoney is not capable of giving a direct, straightforward answer. He is probably too confused about what he actually believes if in fact he really has any real beliefs that he can’t remember all the diametrically opposed positions he has taken on so many issues. When you will say anything with any group to get elected and when your only real goal is not governance and certainly not statesmanship but only to get the title of POTUS then you get the sort of thing we consistently get from Rmoney. If Rubio had proposed the Obama plan then Rmoney would have been giggling and gushing over it with Schieffer.

  2. Have you seen Rubio’s reactions in the press to Obama’s new policy? He sounds like a jealous child that didn’t get an ice cream cone at the park. You would think Rubio would still celebrate the progress that has been made, regardless if it wasn’t his policy.

    Boehner had essentially passed over Rubio’s plan before it was even presented. Boehner’s not the only one, Romney refused to endorse Rubio’s plan in April. It’s fair to say, the congressional Republicans were likely not going to move on this issue anytime soon.

    As you pointed out, covering all the positions on certain issues as Romney has attempted, will get more difficult for him to maintain as the year goes on.

    It’s going to be a crazy election year, Walt! Thanks for stopping by!

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