I hope you have a warranty on your bullshit detector, because it may break if you see Fox News’ coverage of President Obama’s latest Cabinet and Agency picks.

Dogma's poop Monster

On Thursday, the conservative network’s website chose to cover the selection of North Carolina Rep. Mel Watt as the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency with the headline: ‘No use for them’: Racial comments resurface from Obama housing pick.

The majority of the Fox piece references comments supposedly made by Rep. Watt at a 2005 hearing by the National Commission on the Voting Rights Act.

Watt, a black male, allegedly claimed that the majority of white voters would not vote for a black candidate.  Even the article’s uncredited author can’t stand the taste of bullshit for that long since they later admit Watt was correct.  In 2008, candidate Obama only received 43% of the white vote.

Mel Watt

During the same hearing, Watt allegedly said voters against a black candidate should be “factored out” and “I’ve got no use for them in the democratic process.”  If this were accurate, it would make sense.  If you have a black candidate, why would you waste campaign funding on a faction of voters that will not support your candidate based solely on the color of their skin?  This, of course, assumes that anything in the Fox News piece is true.

The author discloses they don’t even have access to the transcript of the 2005 hearing.  The above information has actually been referenced from: “a report at the time by”

Using the CNS News search engine, I could not find this report.  In fact, I couldn’t find anything from 2005 mentioning Mel Watt on their site.

However, I did find a piece from 2008 titled: Palin Attacks Obama’s ‘Apalling’ Refusal to Defend Babies Who Survive Abortion.  Some would say this is not a headline you would typically read from a legitimate news source.

Sarah Palin

The article explains that while in the Chicago Senate, Obama voted against legislation that would have protected “babies who are born alive after botched abortions.”  Of course, what is not mentioned in the headline is then Senator Obama determined the wording in the legislation he voted against intentionally undermined the decision made in Roe v. Wade.

Another fact entirely omitted from the CNS News piece is that Illinois already had a law in place to guarantee life-saving treatment to babies that survived the procedure. This information was widely available in an interview with then candidate Obama, published nearly two months before the CNS piece.

CNS News is actually part of the Media Research Center, a conservative organization (surprise!).  The MRC’s founder, L. Brent Bozel III, was the former chairman of the National Conservative Political Action Committee and has been a Fox News contributor in the past.

On the same day the Watt piece was published, Fox News’ Steve Doocy and his guest Penny Nance, velociraptored Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx.  Or as Doocy refers to him, “this Mr. Foxx guy.”

The Deuce

Mayor Foxx, who was recently nominated for Transportation Secretary by the President, came under fire in a segment titled: The Fight for Faith.

The Mayor was criticized for declaring a National Day of Reason, rather than a National Day of Prayer.

Doocy opens his segment: “Well, forget the National Day of Prayer today.”  Doocy continues the entire segment under the false notion that Mayor Foxx replaced the National Day of Prayer with that of reason.  In reality (Doocy should visit sometime), the Mayor had a separate declaration for a National Day of Prayer, but you wouldn’t know it watching Fox News.

Doocy’s guest, Penny Nance is the CEO of Concerned Women for America.  Just to give you a little background on her organization:

  • Supports abstinence-only sex education
  • Supports the teaching of Intelligent Design
  • Opposes stem cell research
  • Opposes marriage equality
  • Opposes hate crime legislation that includes sexual orientation

You are guaranteed that whatever she says during this interview will be incredibly fucking stupid.

Penny Nance

The Deuce reads from the Day of Reason proclamation: “The application of reason, more than any other means, has proven to offer hope for human survival on earth.”

Within Ms. Nance’s response you will find this prized pig, “You know the Age of Enlightenment and Reason gave way to moral relativism.  And moral relativism is what led us all the way down the dark path to the holocaust.”

She does not disappoint.

Ignoring the insane claim that “reason” led to the holocaust, let’s focus on her timing of her origin of the “dark path.”

The Age of Enlightenment began in 1650.  The Spanish Inquisition, which persecuted Jews and Muslims (including burning thousands of people at the stake) began in 1481.  Clearly, there was a “dark path” 169 years before the Age of Enlightenment.   Just a reminder for Ms. Nance; it was religion, not reason, that sparked The Spanish Inquisition.

Fox has it backwards: reason is what prevents conflict, not creates it.

Personally, I like the idea of a Day of Reason.  My only complaint is: why limit it to only one day?  Reason should always factor into our decisions, and in our current political climate we could use a lot more of it.  Especially for those at Fox News.

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