Field of Dreams

My beautiful home state of Iowa has an incredible history of supporting and paving the way for equality. Iowa was third to recognize interracial marriage, home to the first state university to offer degrees to men and women equally, second state to prohibit segregated schools, first state to elect a woman (Julia C. Addington) to public office, first state to have a female attorney (Arabella Mansfield), site of the oldest mosque in the United States (Cedar Rapids, holla!), third state to legalize same-sex marriage and home to the nation’s first state university LGBT organization (Iowa City, holla!).

And Donald Trump, whom the New York Times recently described as “the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history,” is currently projected to win it in November.


Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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Groundhog Day

We recently passed the one-year anniversary of Drinks and Wings.  My first piece, Culture Wars Episode One: The Conservative Menace, concerned Republican efforts to suppress women’s coverage and access to healthcare (including abortion).  Here we go again… again.

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The Day After Tomorrow

No surprise here, but I love discussing politics. This election season has led to some of the most interesting, and at times insane, debates I’ve ever partaken in.

Thanks to the craziness of the modern-day GOP, this is a year that has seen candidates share a Republican primary debate stage who:

You cannot make this shit up.

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Harvey Dent

Who does Mitt Romney think he is?  Seriously, who is he?  Is he the ultra conservative presented to us during the primaries?  The conservative moderate during the last debate, or the liberal conservative that participated in an interview with the Des Moines Register earlier this week?

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Bork from Ork

In a recent post, we went over some of the latest antics of Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a potential Vice Presidential running mate to join Romney on the GOP’s 2012 ticket.

Another name we know for sure Romney is bringing to the dinner table is retired judge, Robert Bork.  Bork is Romney’s top judicial adviser, which is nothing short of horrifying.

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