The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Romney campaign has unleashed their first TV ad of the general election, called “Day One.”

I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment to not see the triumphant return of the Santorum campaign created “Rombo” character. However, the ad’s three main points of focus interestingly are topics we have already discussed to varying degrees here at Drinks and Wings.

First up, the ad proclaims on Day One that a President Romney would approve the Keystone pipeline, “creating thousands of jobs that Obama blocked.” As with all other conservative opinion and news sources in regards to the pipeline, two major pieces of information are left on the cutting room floor.

Obama did not approve the pipeline due to the original route’s proximity to Nebraska’s Sand Hills aquifer. The effects of a leak on the original route would be devastating for the people of Nebraska and the surrounding states.

Let’s take a look at those jobs numbers. The GOP continues to claim the pipeline will create 20,000 jobs. The state department estimates only 5,000 of those jobs will be temporary positions employing American workers. In the end, TransCanada has the number of permanent U.S. jobs in the hundreds. In our entry titled, The One About the Pipeline, we concluded president Obama’s American Jobs Act (which every Republican voted against) would have created and sustained over ten thousand jobs for my home state of Iowa alone.

In regards to taxes, the ad says Romney will “reward job creators, not punish them.” Without using your secret GOP decoder ring, we know by now “job creators” means rich people. In 2010, job creator/Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson received a year-end bonus of $3.36 million dollars. At my last job, I received a water bottle. The “job creators” are doing fine, and by “fine” I mean, spec-fucking-tacular. But that’s not good enough under a Romney administration. As explained in The Taxes Chainsaw Massacre, Romney’s tax plan would give the nation’s struggling top 1% of earners a 7.8% drop while the heavily burdened top 20% of earners would see a 5.4% decrease. Where does the country make revenue under a Romney administration? The bottom 20% of earners, who have been living the easy life and swimming in wealth for far too long, will see a 1.3% increase. Romney is vague on details in regards to reform, but what we do know is he supports the ill-conceived Paul Ryan plan, the extension of the Bush tax cuts and intends to defund the National Endowment for the Arts and Planned Parenthood, because preventative healthcare is SO overrated.

The sun sets on Day One with the repeal of Obamacare, or as Massachusetts citizens may recognize it, Romneycare. As mentioned in our April posting, I’d Buy That for a Dollar, if the Affordable Care Act (based off of Romney’s own healthcare reform as Massachusetts governor) were repealed, millions of people would lose their health insurance and children with pre-diagnosed conditions could once again be rejected by insurers among other beneficial losses.

Already in this election year I find myself with not only a heavy level of disappointment and frustration with the national media, but with the Democratic Party. I am consistently perplexed why Romney’s tax plan numbers are not presented front and center by the Democrats every time his campaign mentions taxes or why the media has yet to come out and correct the GOP’s 20,000 American jobs numbers in regards to the pipeline.

The Democrats need to find their spine and stand tall, because they are entering into an election year they may not win. Judging from the policies of the alternatives, I don’t want to see that outcome.

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