Speed 2: Cruz Control

Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently made headlines this week when he sparred with fellow Senator Dianne Fienstein over her assault weapons ban legislation.

Cruz Hearing

Cruz questioned the constitutionality of the bill, completely unaware of the court cases that have established such a ban as clearly within the safety parameters of the Constitution.

Cruz is not alone.   Many Republicans pull the word “unconstitutional” out of their ass when discussing the assault weapons ban (Senator Rubio did it during his rebuttal to the President’s State of the Union Address).  However, few have received as much money from the NRA as Cruz.

Rubio, who is viewed as a potential GOP presidential candidate for 2016, has received $4,950 from the gun lobby that believes “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.”  Meanwhile, Cruz has accumulated $10,150, making him one of the largest recipients of NRA funding.

Oh, that Cruz!

This may explain why Cruz literally looked as if he could not care less when Fienstein remarked: “I’ve looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons.  I’ve seen the bullets that implode.  In Sandy Hook, youngsters were dismembered.”

The Senate Committee passed Feinstein’s bill, which now moves to the Senate floor.

Gun control wasn’t the only wave the Tea Party-loved Senator surfed this week.  Cruz held a press conference on Wednesday, showcasing his amendment, Restore Growth First.  What may sound like a jobs bill is simply another attempt by Republicans to defund Obamacare.

Just 24 hours earlier, Paul Ryan unveiled his budget plan, which included a repeal of healthcare reform.

Paul Ryan

I can’t think of a better way to spend the taxpayer’s time and money than basing your proposals around something that is simply not going to happen.  Good job, guys.

Cruz embodies what is wrong with the modern-day Republican Party: displaying an almost proud lack of knowledge on the issues while making outlandish accusations that can’t be substantiated by facts.

Delaying Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination process for Secretary of Defense, Cruz introduced the notion that perhaps Hagel (a two-time recipient of the Purple Heart), received money from speaking engagements to anti-American organizations.  Of course, Cruz had no evidence to back such a claim.

Senator Hagel

It would later be revealed that Cruz got the concept from a debunked story via the conservative site, Breitbart.com.  This is the same site that attempted to pass off the video footage of a college-aged Obama attending a rally as proof that Obama favored African Americans over all other ethnicities (which also proved to be wrong).

Like other members of the GOP, Teddy also has moments of insane delusion regarding Islam and the United States.  When asked at a campaign forum last year if Sharia Law (religious law of Islam) is a problem in the United States, Cruz responded: “Sharia Law is an enormous problem.”   Like other things Cruz has said, there is no evidence of this.

Cruz completes his Tea Party fused, GOP stereotype with his views on women and same-sex marriage.

The Texas Senator is against abortion and supports the concept originally presented in the Blunt Amendment: that non-religious employers should not have to provide birth control insurance coverage.  He also voted against re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

Cruz is not a fan of same-sex marriage.  At the 2011 Values Voter Summit, he voiced his concerns about the “gay rights agenda” influence on American politics.  It may be worth noting the summit is hosted by the Family Research Council.


The FRC was labeled a hate group by The Southern Poverty Law Center in 2010 for spreading such claims that pedophilia is linked to homosexuality, and by allowing homosexuals to serve in the military would create an increase in “homosexual assaults.”

Let’s not forget taxes.  Teddy was also a supporter of extending all of the Bush tax cuts (because fuck it, they’ve already added $3.2 trillion to the national debt).   While running for his Senate seat, Cruz did support a flat tax rate:  a policy as proven by Herman Cain’s famous 9-9-9 plan, that does nothing but create a breeding ground for income inequality.

Actually, you will likely never see Ted Cruz support a tax increase, considering he signed Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge.


Ted recently spoke at the Weyrich Awards dinner, referring to how the GOP sells their policies to the public: “President Reagan didn’t have to agonize over a speech about how to convey that because he lived it.  He understood this is who we are as Americans and every one of us in this room understands that also.”

Like all teabagger Republicans, Cruz’s policies and beliefs completely contradict the actions of Ronald Reagan.

Reagan not only supported the original 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, he also signed in the highest tax increase during peacetime in American history.

A political party that was once represented by the faces of Olympia Snow, General Colin Powell and Bruce Bartlett is now the frat house of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and Paul Ryan.  It’s going to be tough to clean those walls.

The new GOP

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