Funny Farm

This November, all eyes will be focused on the Senate. The Republicans only need to win six seats to take control from the Democratic majority, one of which happens to be in my beautiful home state of Iowa. Unfortunately, the Iowa race also features one of the nation’s most insane candidates: Republican Joni Ernst.

Joni Ernst

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Speed 2: Cruz Control

Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently made headlines this week when he sparred with fellow Senator Dianne Fienstein over her assault weapons ban legislation.

Cruz Hearing

Cruz questioned the constitutionality of the bill, completely unaware of the court cases that have established such a ban as clearly within the safety parameters of the Constitution.

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Same-Sex and the City

Today saw New York’s 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals strike down the ridiculous Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

The ruling came as a result of a case that is one of the many reasons why same-sex marriage should and needs to be legalized on a national level.

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Three Days of the Condor

The confetti has fallen, the last patriotic song has played, the candidates have left the stage and that ends the 2012 Republican National Convention. This was a potential major turning point for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as he reintroduced himself into the public spotlight. But before we discuss if that worked or not, join us for a crash course through the convention’s first two nights.

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Raiders of the Lost Rights

In addition to the historical occasion of a sitting U.S. President declaring his support for same-sex marriage, this week also saw North Carolina write discrimination into their state constitution through the hideous Amendment 1.  The amendment prohibits same-sex marriage, which was already illegal in the state. Interestingly enough, the last time North Carolina amended their constitution in regards to marriage, was to prohibit interracial marriage.
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The Fox and the Hound

Yesterday saw the historic announcement of a sitting United States president endorsing same-sex marriage for the first time.  Recently, the current administration has responded to numerous inquiries about the president’s stance on the issue since Vice President Joe Biden fully endorsed same-sex marriage on last week’s episode of “Meet the Press.”

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Sex Toy Story

It would almost be a toss-up as to which group the modern-day Republican Party takes more issue:  women or homosexuals.  As of now, I have yet to read of proposed legislation from a member of the GOP requiring members of the gay community to have a probe forced upon them, so women may win this round.

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