Mixed Nuts

“CPAC is known as the place where the future of conservatism always starts,” former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin told this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference audience.  However, the former Alaskan Governor should think twice before raising the roof to Timbuk3.

sarah palin raising the roof!

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Raising Cain

Former GOP presidential hopeful and Libya strategist Herman Cain has come to the realization that the Republican Party may have an issue with race.  It wasn’t the series of voting restrictions targeting minorities or the recent tweet from the RNC that declared racism over that bothered Cain, it was the omission of his name on a flier for potential 2016 presidential candidates.


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Rock ‘n’ Roll High School 2012

In an inverse addition to Obama’s same-sex marriage endorsement, The Washington Post took a stroll down memory lane with Mitt Romney last week, focusing on his bullying years in prep school.

Interviewing several close friends and classmates, the Post article revealed the eventual GOP nominee belongs in a 1980s film having his ass handed to him by Adam Baldwin, rather than being the potential leader of the free world.

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Sex Toy Story

It would almost be a toss-up as to which group the modern-day Republican Party takes more issue:  women or homosexuals.  As of now, I have yet to read of proposed legislation from a member of the GOP requiring members of the gay community to have a probe forced upon them, so women may win this round.

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