Return of the Living Brain Dead

I can’t think of a single more embarrassing, ridiculous and infuriatingly stupid political conspiracy theory than that championed by the birthers.

The notion that our current president was not born in the United States has been debunked MULTIPLE times since 2008, yet members of the GOP continue to make it an issue 4 years later.

In the past few weeks we have seen the Iowa Republican Party’s platform committee chairman Don Racheter, Republican congressman Mike Coffman, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett and Republican Band-Aid Donald Trump dig up the birther issue as if they were in a pet cemetery looking for Trump’s new hairpiece.

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Raise the Roof

Last year’s raising of the debt ceiling was an unnecessary national media circus that showcased the thick-headed selfishness of the GOP and the lack of strong will among the Democratic Party.

A wave of Tea Party catering Republicans complicated the debt ceiling talks, refusing to accept any form of tax increase. Watching the GOP open themselves up to the manipulation of the Tea Party had me questioning whether I was watching CSPAN or Star Trek II.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Romney campaign has unleashed their first TV ad of the general election, called “Day One.”

I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment to not see the triumphant return of the Santorum campaign created “Rombo” character. However, the ad’s three main points of focus interestingly are topics we have already discussed to varying degrees here at Drinks and Wings.
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Rock ‘n’ Roll High School 2012

In an inverse addition to Obama’s same-sex marriage endorsement, The Washington Post took a stroll down memory lane with Mitt Romney last week, focusing on his bullying years in prep school.

Interviewing several close friends and classmates, the Post article revealed the eventual GOP nominee belongs in a 1980s film having his ass handed to him by Adam Baldwin, rather than being the potential leader of the free world.

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Raiders of the Lost Rights

In addition to the historical occasion of a sitting U.S. President declaring his support for same-sex marriage, this week also saw North Carolina write discrimination into their state constitution through the hideous Amendment 1.  The amendment prohibits same-sex marriage, which was already illegal in the state. Interestingly enough, the last time North Carolina amended their constitution in regards to marriage, was to prohibit interracial marriage.
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The Fox and the Hound

Yesterday saw the historic announcement of a sitting United States president endorsing same-sex marriage for the first time.  Recently, the current administration has responded to numerous inquiries about the president’s stance on the issue since Vice President Joe Biden fully endorsed same-sex marriage on last week’s episode of “Meet the Press.”

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Sex Toy Story

It would almost be a toss-up as to which group the modern-day Republican Party takes more issue:  women or homosexuals.  As of now, I have yet to read of proposed legislation from a member of the GOP requiring members of the gay community to have a probe forced upon them, so women may win this round.

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